"There are many noisy voices in this world, but I want to hear the voice I want to hear more, that is freedom." This is a sentence that the founder of the upgo brand said 8 years ago. At that time, it was difficult to buy at a low price A waterproof, good-sounding bluetooth headset. Mr. liu, the founder of the upgo brand, has high requirements for electronic products. He wants to integrate wearing feeling, hearing experience, and personality, so he put his hobbies and professional efforts into practice, and created this epoch-making brand. .
dare to do
Young people always dare to think and dare to do. Their small studio started in 2014. Their most original team is only three people, but all of them are special talents. They are respectively engaged in the development of the earphone market and the organization and structure of audio products. The design and on-site management of customized earphones have been accumulated in the industry for many years, and they have good technical and resource advantages. They have cooperated with many domestic and foreign brands and established an independent high-end earphone brand "upgo" in 2019. The "upgo" brand not only makes a lot of achievements in customized earphones, but also has excellent wearing comfort and touch, and the sound quality is extraordinary and unique;
upgo's global distribution network has expanded to other regions in Europe and abroad, and its product categories are constantly enriched, with innovative products emerging one after another. With its excellent quality and innovative performance, it has won more and more recognition from all walks of life.
Buying direct from manufacturers shouldn’t feel like a risk.
At upgo it doesn’t.
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Quality Control Team
We carry out quality control checks on every product sold on our site.
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upgo cuts out the middlemen to offer a bigger selection of quality merchandise at true factory prices for retail customers.